We support over 120 Active Living groups, each providing an opportunity for people over 50 to take part in local activities, enjoy the company of others, and access all sorts of information about keeping well and active.

These centres are a great place to meet new friends and become fully involved in your local community. Every group is unique, but all offer a wide programme, such as flexercise, movement to music, games, craft sessions, guest speakers, days out.

Each group is run by teams of volunteers and by getting involved you’ll be playing a crucial part in helping improve the wellbeing of individuals in your local community. You will be connecting people to new friendships and challenging some of the root causes of isolation and loneliness, not to mention becoming part of a fantastic team yourself.

If you are an active living coordinator please click here to explore our Resources Directory for useful sources of support.

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If you would like to offer your service as a speaker, run activities or even volunteer at one of the local active living centres please contact us 01278 664180.

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